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Tips For A Successful Marketing Campaign For An Asset Recovery Service

Building a web presence for an asset recovery service comes with a unique set of challenges. Due to the nature of the business, it’s inevitable that you’ll be opening yourself up to negative reviews of all sorts. It’s understandable that people get upset when they have their personal belongings repossessed. They never intended not to be able to pay their bills, and when things start to take a turn for the worse their emotions will inevitably skyrocket. They are losing property associated with their livelihood, their lifestyle, or in the worst cases – their home.

As much as you would like to control what people say about your company on the internet, much of the time this simply isn’t possible. As with most things in business, you’re going to have to make the best of what you have and focus on the aspects of your campaign that are soundly within your control. Recently I spoke with a business owner who was facing these exact challenges, and I wanted to share some of the tactics that really made a huge impact on their success.

Focus on Your Customers

The first thing to be fully aware of is that the people most likely to give you negative or even slandering reviews are most likely not going to be your customers. This means you should pay as little attention as possible to common review platforms that are accessible to the everyday person, such as Google reviews, Yelp, and similar platforms. You may even want to remove your business from these listings if at all possible.

Instead, you want to focus your efforts on the avenues which your actual customers are likely to come across your business. Since you will most likely be working with other businesses, the three most prominent avenues for new customer acquisition are likely to be word of mouth, targeted advertisements, and organic search.

Word of mouth obviously comes down to the quality of your service, your relationships with your loyal customers, and the overall reputation of your business. This is was makes you stand out from the pack, and it is the core form of marketing for so many service businesses around the world.

Another form of marketing that many asset recovery services employ is targeted advertisement to businesses that are likely to need valuable assets repossessed. You can look into avenues such as direct outreach, including but not limited to emailing the companies directly, getting business owners on the phone, or even showing up to their physical location to have a conversation. You can also try Google Adwords, but this can be quite a pricey way to acquire customers so make sure you have the wherewithal to make high-quality landing pages that will turn those leads into paying customers.

The final avenue that can really pay off is getting your website to perform well in the search engines for search terms that potential customers may be looking for. This undoubtedly takes some skill and may often require consultation with a professional in the field.

Support Your Web Presence

Once you have found ways to get your potential customers familiar with your business, you want to make sure that your website is up to par. You want to have a professional and modern website that makes it easy to understand the basics about your business. Display your pricing structure or make it easy for your visitors to request a quote, start an online chat, or pick up the phone and speak with one of your representatives.

Getting people to see your website and interact with your brand is one thing, but it’s only truly valuable if you can turn them into paying and hopefully returning customers. Once you have them on board with your service, it’s important that you show them just how awesome your company truly is. As mentioned before, your customer’s experience is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for a service business. It’s no secret that happy customers are highly likely to recommend your business to their peers, and once the ball gets rolling you’ll be seriously off to the races.

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Step Up Your Landing Pages For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Building landing pages to test out new ideas at a minimal cost is a technique that revolutionized the marketing industry in the early years 2000’s. It makes it possible to gauge market interest without having to spend virtually any money on product design, pilot batches, and order fulfillment. Landing pages for those products and services that take off in the marketplace then become even more valuable as they are tweaked and refined to drive conversion rates and revenues through the roof. If you haven’t integrated landing pages into your marketing campaign, you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful tool that could potentially reinvigorate your business.

So how can you get started? Well, you’re going to need a basic understanding of the internet and website building. Hopefully you’re already there. Once you are you can do quite a bit of the work yourself if you’re willing to put in the extra time and effort to learn the technologies, or you can defer to some tried and true services that make all landing page campaigns a breeze. Let’s get started by going over the basics of creating a landing page.

Landing Page Basics

The concept is simple. You set up a web page that describes your offering and include a call to action where your visitors can “opt-in”. At first, this can simply be signing up to a mailing list or joining a wait list. Basically anything that shows that a visitor is interested in your offering, as opposed to reading your page and leaving uninterested. Then you drive visitors to your site by any number of tactics and see what percentage of them opt-in. If the numbers make sense, then you can go on with developing your product or service.

Once you have a successful landing page you’ll want to continue development to get the most out of it. In essence what you’ll be doing is improving the design of the page to increase the number of opt-ins. You’ll manipulate layouts, try out different images, use different button colors, etc. to find what works best with your visitors. How can you know for sure which combination works best? You’ll utilize A/B testing.

With A/B testing you’ll split the traffic from your visitors evenly and randomly, and you’ll send one portion of the traffic to a version of your landing page as it currently exists (“A”) and the other portion of the traffic to a version of your landing page with your modifications implemented (“B”). Then you’ll give the your visitors time to use both versions of your landing page thoroughly and make the calculations to figure out which version performs better. You can do this in several iterations until your landing page is a finely-tuned conversion machine.

Integrated Landing Page Solutions

Conceptually this makes a lot of sense, but truth be told it can be an absolute headache to manage on your own. It will take in-depth knowledge of building websites and quite a bit of effort and resourcefulness. It this sounds a bit off-putting to you then rest easy, there are quite a few services out there that will handle the brunt of the work for you.

Leadpages, for example, is a simple and straight-forward tool that works great for people who have little interest in going deep into the design of their landing pages. They offer an excellent landing page builder that will have you up an running in minutes. With a variety of templates and built-in page elements you can have a professional design simply by clicking around with your mouse. If you take a look at Leadpages pricing, you’ll see that it’s quite affordable for the value that you’ll get out of it.

Instapages is another great service that also has a lot of clout. They also offer a page builder, though it may take a little more getting used to before you’re off and running. Your reward for the extra effort is a bit more of a custom touch on the landing pages you make. Both of these services provide an A/B testing system as well, making it very easy to work on improving your conversion rates once you’ve made successful landing pages. They’ll even integrate with tons of other marketing services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact so that you can view everything all in one place.

Landing pages are a powerful technique that you can incorporate into your marketing campaign. They’ll potentially save you a ton of expenses when testing new ideas, and they may even send your revenues soaring once you’ve come across an idea that the market loves. If you haven’t given them a try, there’s little to lose.

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Professional Resume Writing Services Can Kickstart Your Next Job Search

Bringing a professional resume writing service on board for your next job search can be quite helpful because these organizations already know what managers and HR teams want to see on a resume. In fact, these people can write something that will catch the eye of the specific person that you are targeting. Let them know the kind of work you are doing, the industries where you are applying for, and the jobs you would like to do. The company will write up a resume that can get you hired, and that will be based on trends in the industry, the way HR professionals are trained, and your signature voice. When you compare the resume writing costs to what you actually get out of it – a professional, high quality document and potentially a high paying job – it’s really a no brainer. Here are some topics a professional might include in your resume.

The Industry 

You must let your resume service know the industry that you are applying to. They will give you help writing for the kinds of managers that work in this field. These managers expect certain things, and you can get your resume in front of these people easily. There are many people who would like to get hired in their chosen field, but they might need to branch out to other industries. This is where the resume writer can help you align your resume with a new industry you do not know. 

The Style 

Your resume should be written in a style that is expected of you. The style that you use lets people know that you understand the industry you are applying to. You must have a resume that people actually want to read, and you’ll be sure to get that if you work with a professional to compose the document for you. You will get the resume written in the industry style, and the resume will even contain industry buzz words that you need to use to get the attention of someone who would hire you. 

The Sections 

Every resume has its own sections, and every industry requires different sections depending on what the HR people in that field want to see. Ask your professional resume writer how they would structure your resume to suit your needs. Someone with a lot of experience might need to list every job they have ever done, but someone who is new or just out of college might need to list internships and apprenticeships they served while working in the field. 


Some resumes can be long because the people in that industry know they must have long documents that will satisfy HR staff. Some fields do not want much of a resume because they do not think it is necessary to weigh people down with all that extra writing. You should ask your writer what they would do based on information from your industry, and you should only lengthen your resume when it is absolutely necessary. 


A professional resume writer knows how to choose a font that actually looks good. You do not want to use something that is too serious, but you should not use something that seems played out or outdated. You might want to be a little more creative with the font because you can give people the sense that you thought about what to do, and you should ask your resume writer how they would choose a font given the industry you plan to apply to. 


You need to include contact information that will allow people to find you easily. Professional resumes likely only have a LinkedIn profile and email address attached, but you might need to add social media pages if you are applying to a field that relies on social media to survive. 

There are many people who would like to write up a new resume that will say good things about them, but they might not know how to do that. You can get a professional resume writing service to help you, and they will build a new resume that looks good, has the right information, and is the right length.

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High-Paying Jobs for Americans in 2019

 Everyone wants to earn a good living and make good money, but it’s not so easy if you’re in the wrong job or you made a career choice that has limited earning potential. Let’s face it, some jobs simply don’t pay well no matter how long you’ve been at it or how good you are. The good news is that it’s never too late for a career change. 

Getting a degree or a supplementary education in a field that has real earning potential is not completely out of reach no matter what your age is as long as you have the time and are willing to put in the work. With online classes and technical schools that make learning a new skill and getting a degree more convenient and affordable, you can make a new career choice that can yield you the big bucks. You only need to be willing to sacrifice some of your free time and maybe a few hours of sleep, but the payoff can be well worth it. If 2018 was not your year for earning an above average salary, then here are some of 2019 best-paying jobs so you can get in on the big money. 

It’s apparent that the healthcare industry is leading the pack with the most high-paying jobs, however, IT technology jobs, finance jobs, engineering jobs, and a few other professions are also in the running. To start off, we’ll take a look at some of the top paying healthcare jobs. 


While this might not be a wise choice of job or a career change if you’re heading into your golden years, it is a great choice for anyone just getting into the healthcare field who is still fairly young. An anesthesiologist can earn an average salary of $265,990.


A surgeon can earn an average salary of $251,890. Of course, it takes a lot of study and schooling to become a successful surgeon much like it does to become an anesthesiologist. If you’re pushing your mid to late fifties, then you may want to rethink the idea of being a surgeon. 


If the idea of surgery and blood is unappealing to you, then consider a healthcare job in the field of oral care. An orthodontist can earn a salary of $229,380, and the field is a lot less stressful than that of a surgeon or anesthesiologist. 

Below are some of the top paying jobs of 2019 that are not in the healthcare industry. One key thing to keep in mind is that generally the higher the pay, the higher the stress level is for any job. 


Lawers can make millions of dollars per year depending on their area of expertise and how good they are. The average lawyer, however, can average an annual salary of $141,890. The stress level and work hours involved in earning a good living as a lawyer can be very high, so it’s not a career choice for the faint of heart

Petroleum Engineer 

Engineers, in general, can earn an above average salary, but petroleum engineers are in high demand these days. This particular field of engineering can earn you an average annual salary of $154,780. 

IT Manager 

Information technology is a booming industry, and jobs will always be in demand. Just about everyone uses a computer of some type for information whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and someone has to do all that programming and tech stuff to keep us one click or tap away from the information we’re looking for. That’s where the IT professional comes in. An IT manager, like most other management positions, has an above average stress level job. IT managers can earn a salary of $149,730.

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How To Make Your Home Perfect For Entertaining Guests

Entertaining guests is often a fun idea, yet hard to execute once you stare at the open space in your home. You may fear you don’t have enough room or enough things to entertain people, but you can actually make any space party-worthy. Attention to detail and planning go a long way when it comes to making your home the place to party. 

Before you begin, you must decide what your needs are when it comes to entertaining. Decide if you’re going to throw elegant cocktail parties, fun happy hour bashes or just your everyday barbecue gatherings. You can match your style to your type of entertaining to maximize your entertaining space. You don’t always need elaborate decorations or a perfect place, but more of a space designed to match your parties. 

Lots of Seating 

Make sure you have adequate seating for the number of people. People love to mingle and chit chat, but they also love to sit while they drink and just talk to friends. You can have tables set up throughout the room or just rely on your couches and chairs to accommodate people. Put enough seating in the area of the food so people can grab food then sit down to talk. You can even set up action stations where food is at each table so people can mix and mingle with guests and food at the same time. 

Food and Beverages 

Entertaining guests means having lots of food and drinks. If it’s a casual gathering, snacks and alcohol or sodas is perfect. If it’s more of a formal gathering, have different types of wine and spritzers available for guests. Everyone loves a good food tray so it’s always safe to go with different types of food. People love to stand around and just eat. Set out the food in different areas so guests have easy access to it. Make sure you have enough plates, cups and silverware as well. It also sets the mood so make the tone of the music match the tone of the party. If it’s casual, go for fun music. If it’s formal, go for more of an orchestra sound. 


Guests love good music. Create a fun playlist or tune your radio in to a great station to entertain guests. Don’t have it too loud, but at a nice volume for background music. If there’s a lull in conversation, it doesn’t seem as weird when the music is flowing. 

Clean and Declutter 

When entertaining guests, make your house look like those in the magazines. Put away the remote controls, the extra blankets and the dishes stacking up on the counter. Clean up the things you use on an every day basis. It’s often a joke that you want to make it look like no one lives in the house! If you have kids, put away the toys that are usually thrown across the living room floor. The stacks of mail on your counter can easily be put in a drawer. Don’t worry, you can get it all back out after the party.

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Top Five Places To Eat In Portland, ME

Going out to enjoy a delicious meal that you did not cook yourself is an American pass time. There are so many different restaurants that serve a diverse variety of dishes that give you choices that you may not never heard of. If you live in Portland, you know this all too well. There are a lot of delicious eateries that will grab your attention. Your only problem is deciding what you want to eat and anyone can see why that would be a problem. However, there are at least five of them in Portland that would get anybody’s attention simply because they are just that good. 

Hot Suppa 

If you want food made entirely from scratch with homemade flavors, this is the restaurant to try out. It was created by two brothers who decide to eat their way around the globe just to see what different cuisines taste like. They came up with Hot Suppa where everything on the menu is authentic and mouthwatering. You will not get enough of what they have and will put this eatery as one of your favorites on their list. 

Central Provisions 

Do you want to try a small plate of something that you have never had before? If so, Central Provisions is the restaurant of choice. They have a lot of different foods that are raw, cold, or hot for you to enjoy. Also, you do brunch and taste some real delicatessens that you never knew existed. The food is really good and very different from what you would normally find in an eatery. Plus, their menu changes daily so that you are not bored with the same old dishes. They love mixing it up for the customers. 


Do you want to eat at a place that has an unusual name but great food? Do you like to eat rabbit? If so, DuckFat is the restaurant you should try out they have Rabbit Rillettes on the menu. You can find some great one of kind choices that no other restaurant would serve and there is compost you can buy. They take leftover scraps of food and make compost so that nothing goes to waste. 

Back Bay Grill 

Do you want to eat food that tastes s good as it looks on the plate in a rich and swanky atmosphere? Head over to Back Bay Grill to do just that. Just know that as rich as the food looks the prices are very reasonable and you will get your monies worth. The menu does change from day to day which makes things interesting, and you can get a gift card for that loved one so they can come to enjoy themselves. Now is the time to make reservations. This would make for a great anniversary dinner spot. You and your spouse are going to the dishes that they have. This will end up being on your places to go for a romantic evening out list. 

The Honey Paw 

If you like Asian noodles and crispy fried chicken come to The Honey Paw where you can eat some delicious dishes that are unique in their own way. It definitely a different change of pace in terms of food choices and will love anything you pick off of the menu. This place serves the best Lobster Toast and other appetizers that you will want to sic your teeth into. 

The thing to love about these restaurants is that you are not just leaving satisfied and full but you are also getting good quality which makes it worth your time. Each restaurant has its own way of pleasing your tastes buds and gives you a reason to see Friday’s nights as their place to hang out. The food is well worth the cost and it just so happens that every dish is unique and different. You will not be bored with the choices.